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Ralf, my hubby, made this card in 1998. It is a birthday card for our Friend Mathhias B., he was 40 that day. Unfortunately the glitter embossing on the front does not show well, because it really enhances the blue stamping. Original Size when closed: A5.

It is a bit difficult to explain the title of this card since it is a German pun. BiFi is first a brand of small salty sausage (kind of Salami) sold for a snack, and the brand name stands for the product class, like Kleenex in English is a paper handkerchief. But then BiFi is short for "bis vierzig" (up to fourty), which means "younger than fourty (like teenager or twen is for other age classes). You obviously have to take liberties with the spelling to get to BiFi (the v in vierzig is spoken the same as the letter F in German). So the translation for the front is: At least you are not a BiFi any more. The inside text is just "Birthday Greetings from all of us."