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Rubber Stamping

More and more people explore the world of Rubber Stamping. It is an art form that can be decorative, weird, funny, futuristic - just plain everything in style. It is as individual as people are, even if commercially made stamps are used that have a wide circulation. If you don't believe it, go to ...'s homepage. There you can see what people made from the same printing of the same stamp.

As for myself, I stumbled over those rubbery things more or less by accident. Since 1992 I am a member of CompuServe (that was before easy access to the Net by providers), and belong to the Crafts forum. I visited there to discuss lacemaking (my other vice) and other fiber crafts. It was there that I got first introduced to rubber stamping. At that time I decided - no, not for me, no arts, I'm a crafter, too expensive. I bought my first stamps in 1995, did the occasional stamping here and there for several years. Only since spring 1998, when I enrolled in the Stempler-Liste, a German rubber stamping e-mail list, I was really hooked, and the Stempel-Mekka (a Rubber Stamper's convention) gave me further boost.

I invite you to look through my gallery (Rubber Stamping Art by me, my hubby and my children - I infected them all, you see), as well as look for tips and links. Have fun, and don't stay away from those rubbery things.