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The Fiber Crafts Dictionaries



It was when I first got online in 1991 when I had the idea of compiling these dictionaries. I got into an English speaking communitiy of crafters on the Crafts Forum in CompuServe, and at times didn't have a clue of what they were speaking about, because I didn't know the words at that time. I thought that I'd do a word list for my own usage, but soon this wasn't necessary any more, because the words had become familiar. But then I thought of other people who might have the same problems as me, and started out to compile a list of words.

Very soon there were some obstacles. The most important was that I could only upload Ascii text to the forum. But I soon saw that I needed italics, boldface and other formatting possibilities to make the information readable. The aim was not so much my own use, but sharing of this knowledge. So this project got stopped for several years.

When I first heard about HTML language I knew this was the way to go. It is a language that can be read on any platform, has lots of simple formatting possibilities, and can even incorporate graphics. Plus the hypertext capabilities would further help me structure information (linking to tables e.g.).

I started out this page some time August '96, and the dictionarys were among the first pages that contained "real" information. Of course they are not yet ready. I plan to incorporate much more grammatical and linguistical information, which helps the transition from one language to another. I want to show how words are used in a different way in both languages. I plan tables with names of crochet stitches, measurement conversion and other related stuff. And I'm still gathering words, of course. If you miss anything in those dictionaries, please send me an email, and if I can I'll help out. It will also help to grow the dictionaries if you write me about words you miss.