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The Fimo Showcase

All these items were designed and made during the years 1989-1991. When I had my Son Michael in 1990 I had soon to stop using Fimo, because it can be hazardous to children when swallowed. I'll start working with that wonderful clay again as soon as my children are old enough.

I hope I will encourage you with this page to try your own designing. Have fun!

 Brosche 1   Brosche 2
Brooch "crying sky" Brooch "pond"Brooch "snake", more a doodle than something serious.
Brooch "face".
This one was designed by my husband Ralf. We had a smiling one, too, but were very sorry when we broke it before we could photograph it.
Earrings "ruby" Wedding memory Picture. My first (and only) one with a commission. Made for a coworker of my mother.

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