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Egg Cover "frill"

Variation 1

Variation 2

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How to work variation 1

  •   1 (plastics) egg 6 cm high
  •   # 80 crochet cotton or tatting cotton
  •   tapestry needle # 22 or 24

Use shuttle and ball

all Rings (except first row) are 3ds, 2p sep by 3 ds, 3ds, j, 3 ds, 2p sep by 3 ds, 3 ds
all Chains are 3 ds, 5 p sep by 3 ds, 3ds

Row 1: Ri 3 ds, 2 p sep by 3 ds, j to 4th p of prev Ri (in first Ri p), 4 ds, 3 p sep by 3 ds, 3 ds. Chain, repeat for 5 more times (= total of 6 Ri). Close motif by j last ring to 3rd picot of first ring.

Row 2: Alternate Ris and Chs, join 1st Ri to 2nd, join 2nd Ri to 4th picot of Ch of row 1 (= total of 12 Ri)

Row 3: Like row 2, join Ris to middle picots of prev row (=total of 12 Ris)

Row 4-6: Same as row 3.

For closing the cover work flower as follows:

  • Ri 4ds, p, 4 ds, lp, 4 ds, p, 4ds
  • Ch 4 ds, 3 p seperated by 4 ds, 4 ds, j to middle p of next Ch of row 6, 6 ds, j to middle p next Ch of row 6, 4 ds, 3 p sep by 4 ds, 4ds
  • ring 4ds, p, 4 ds, j to middle p of 1st Ri.
Work in this manner until 6 rings and chains are worked. All chains of row 6 are joined by the flower.

Work without the egg as long as possible. You need to insert the egg only when working the closing flower. Try after each join whether you can still slip in the egg, and put it out only if not too tight. After that you have to work with the egg inside the cover, which feels a little strange, but is really worth the effort.

This design looks stunning when done in white on either colored plastics or dyed natural egg, preferably in a dark color. Or use green for chains and color of your choice for rings on white egg.

Variation 2 of Design

Another possibility to use this design is to work rows 1 and 2 twice, and put those over both tips of the egg. Then thread a needle with your tatting thread, make a shuttle join to second picot of chain of upper flower, go through second picot of chain of lower flower, then back to upper flower, pick up the fourth picot of same chain, do the same for lower flower, and work your way around till beginning, making a zigzag line with your thread.

Before you do the last join you should go around the egg again from the first picot, tugging at the thread to stretch it some more. Give the thread a little tug after each picot, working your way around. You will be astonished how much thread you will pull out. When you are satisfied with the tension you can now join to first picot worked. Work the thread into the chain to hide ends.