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My Lord Jesus Christ

The most important thing in my life is not crafting, nor my family, nor anything else, but my relationship to Jesus Christ. He has made my life worthwhile by forgiving my sins, and making me acceptable in the eyes of God. And he has given me talents, and a wonderful family.

He guides me through my everyday life, and never leaves me when things get troublesome. He is there to hear my praise, and to listen to my woes. He helps me to think more clearly, and to get a new perspective every time I need it.

He has given me a perspective for my life and my future. He has provided everything I need, for my body, my soul, and my spirit.

He does so much for me that I can't ever name it all. I thank him very much for this. I want to encourage everyone to try out this important relationship. You can only win, never loose.

If you want all this, the four spiritual laws will tell you how to relate to Jesus Christ.

As for my denominational background, I belong to the Free Evangelical Church in Cologne- Lindenthal/Germany. I love to be together with all people that share the same relationship to my Lord regardless of their denomination.