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I love books

Both hubby and me are book lovers, as everyone will see as soon as he enters our appartment.

The most important book in my opinion is The Bible, unsurpassed by everything else. It contains wisdom as well as criminal and love stories. It has philosophical parts, books of great historic accuracy and poetry. You get glimpses of the future as well as the Heaven, although sparsely so. And it tells the story of God's everlasting love to mankind, which in my opinion is the most important part.

My favourite author is Georgette Heyer, followed by Danielle Steele and Rosamunde Pilcher. My favourite old authors are George Elliot, Charles Dickens, and Jane Austen. As you see I love the 19th century novelists .

I also love the book "the pilgrim's progress" by John Bunyan. Other religious authors I like are Spurgeon, C. S. Lewis, and William MacDonald.

Of course I read a lot of non-fiction, especially on Crafts. You will see from the literature page what I have and recommend in this field.