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Pattern Surfer Help

All the patterns are put into categories. In the categories they are sorted for pattern name, and if this should happen to be the same, for designer name.

In the other colums a - is for "no" and a * is for "yes".

The Threads column usually gives just a number. The number is for crochet or tatting cotton. These are quite comparable even if you use different brands. PC stands for Pearl Cotton, the number of course giving the pearl cotton number (not equivalent to crochet cotton numbers). Floss is stranded embroidery thread. DRF is DMC Rayon Floss. I usually give the number of strands, if appropriate. If the thread used is something more unusual with no matching crochet cotton number then I give the name of the thread. If there is a - then the designer did not mention the thread used.

If one of your patterns is not listed, please let me know. Also if you have come by patterns I don't mention I'd be glad to receive an email.

I hope you all have lots of fun using the Pattern Surfer.