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Christmas Ornaments

I love to do these ornaments. You can work them as simple or as complicated as you want. They are also quick projects.

Still Life

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Here are some of the balls to show their relative sizes. Top: Diam. 5 cm; middle: Diam. 6 cm; bottom: diam. 8 cm. All designs © Christiane Eichler.

Three Blue Ornaments

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These ornaments are 5 cm diam. The lace is worked with Coats crochet cotton no. 40. I did all of them in December 2001. Both ornaments on top show lace patterns by Christel Weidmann, the bottom one is my own design (© Christiane Eichler).

Four Red Ornaments
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These four ornaments are the same diameter, 6 cm. The lace is worked with Manuela no. 10 (exception: top left worked with thread no. 20). All patterns are my own, and I developed them in January 1998. All have names: Top left "Clover", top right "Anna", bottom left "Annuschka", bottom right "Valeria."
© by Christiane Eichler.
Ornament "Christa"
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Ornament "Christa" 6 cm diam. Lace made from turkish thread "Ören Bayan" no. 50. Made 1999. A very simple beginner pattern. Design© Christiane Eichler.
Ornament "Martha"
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Ornament "Martha", diam. 8 cm. Lace worked with Manuela 10. Traditional Pattern. Made in 2000.
Ornament "Goldrush"
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Ornament "Gold Rush," diam 6 cm. Lace worked with metallic embroidery thread "Ophir" by Coats. Pattern traditional, adapted to my needs. Made in January 1998.
Ornament "Sun"
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Christmas ball ornament "Sun", a simple traditional pattern with my own touches I did in 1996. The most tricky part of this design is fastening the lace to the ball. Worked with Anchor crochet cotton No. 100; diameter of ball about 6 cm. You can easily adapt the pattern to any size of ball.
Design: © Christiane Eichler.