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Tatting links

Tatting Instruction, Photos, History

I fully reworked this section as of Aug 2003. Especially I decided to restrict myself to a handful of important sites, from where you can go on surfing the net, and get lots of tatting information, too.
Tatting - The Art of Shuttle Lace  Colleen Esler's Tatting page has some photos of her tatting, plus links.
Have Shuttle - Will Tat  Leonore's tatting page has nice photos and several patterns.
Italian Tatting Page  The page has lots of nice photos, but even the pattern section is photos only. Unfortunately I don't understand what she writes about herself, and about tatting, but the photos alone are worth a surf.
Domestic Arts Home Page (Dianna Stevens)  Dianna is a tatting designer with lots of innovative ideas that she freely shares. Info on her two books on tatting, patterns and the mystery motif section where she shows new techniques.
Tatter's TatChat Page  The page of the TatChat mailing list. There is a member's list, photos of TatChat exchanges, some even with patterns, info on current exchanges, interesting discussions and of course subscription information.
TATTERED  One of the most comprehensive pages on tatting I know. Lots of tatting photos, especially doilies from round robins (some of them with patterns), locate-a-lacemaker section, patterns and lots of other interesting tatting information. Many good links.
Carrie's Tatting Instruction Page Best page with tatting instructions I ever saw. Many good fastloading graphics to help you master the "click". Unfortunately the method shown is not the fastest tatting method.
Nancy's Tatting Page Because of her marriage this page is not working right now.
This 'n' Tat -- Tatting and Lacework Lisa Trumble's tatting page with tatting instruction (also some advanced techniques), lots of patterns. Graphically well made page.
Terry the Tatter's Home Page Small but well made page, which contains for patterns for Christmas glass ornaments covered with tatting.
Lace has written directions for tatting, some patterns and links. On the same page: Instructions for Broomstick Lace.
Steph's Home Page  Wonderful page with lots of lace information. Instructions for cluny tatting as well as bibliography on the topic. Patterns for Round Robin Doilies. Bobbin lace (esp. Beds) und crochet lace as well. Nice photos of his projects.
The Tatting Bug  Tatting: Photos, some history, book reviews, antique tatting goodies. Plus photos of Schneeberger lace (go to About Shirlee, and click on Bobbin lace there). Really nice page.
Tatter's Home Page: tatting, tatting project instructions and Pomeranian Dogs  Nice page which has a new tatting project with instructions each month. Good Photos. Hasn't been updated since May 1997, though.
Kersti's tatting page  Simply one of the best. She also has the Tatting mailing list.

Tatting supplies

Picot-Lace  Tatting interpreted in beads - not tatting with beads, but the structure of tatting is imitated by beads (each ds=1 bead). Several books on the technique to buy.
David Reed Smith - shuttlemaker Here you can order David's famous wooden shuttles - lots of photos of all the shuttles in the different kinds of wood available. He has also tatting tools made from aluminium like a tatting hook, the hook of which is retractable to the handle when not in use. His newest invention is a wooden shuttle with a metal hook.
Snowgoose - Home Page  Supplier with a comprehensive tatting catalog. Lots of different shuttles. Plus information on double picots with tryout pattern.
The ShuttleSmith  You have to see Karen Bovard's tatted motor byke on the main page. She also makes wonderful silver shuttles.