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This site has been down for quite a while because my provider broke down. Since they don't seem to get back to working order I decided to find a new home and get my own domain. Unfortunately some of the pages may look funny due to loss of the functioning versions on the server. I'll try to get back everything functioning asap.

This site is intended for Lace and Embroidery lovers. The tatting pages seem to grow most. There are showcases (photos of my work), patterns, tips, photos of tools, and how things are done - and more. Very important info on this page are the Crafts Terms Dictionaries German-English and English-German.

The What's New section gives you the most important changes during the last few months.

There is a newsletter notifying you when Dreams of Lace page has important changes. Even if you have been subscribed to this newsletter in the past, you have to resubscribe now! We have so many dead e-mail adresses in our file now that we had to take this drastic step, and make e-mailing this newsletter easier for us. Please refer to the Newsletter section on this page for more information.

Have fun browsing! I'd love to hear how you like this site, what can be improved, or what kind of info you miss.

What's New on this Page

Newsletter information

We changed our newsletter to Yahoo!Groups, which gives us additional comfortable routines for handling the newsletter.

If you want to get our newsletter, just send an email to:


There will be an answer e-mail to this. Please follow the instructions in this email to actually get the newsletter.

Newsletters will not be very often, something like two to three times a year. Since this is a pure hobby site, I can only devote ever so much time to it. Hope you will like the new routine.

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