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Listing of crafts books

These lists contain the titles of books I own. I do this for my own use, but also for your information. But these are not comprehensive literature lists of what is/what was available. I hope they are useful for you!

. General needle crafts
. Bobbin Lace
. Embroidery
. knitting
. crochet
. other crafts

General needle crafts

The Anchor Manual of Needlework. Loveland (Col): Interweave 1990. ISBN 0-934026-59-9. Reprint of a book from 1958. Still in Print. Black-and-white photos. Has chapters on almost every conceivable technique. Some techniques that are native to Italy: Cavandoli (kind of macramee) and Puncetto, Burano, Modano, Aemilia Ars and Orivieto lace). Some Patterns, some of them tatting.


Rutt, Richard. A History of Hand Knitting. Loveland (Col): Interweave 1989. Out of print. Besides well researched and well written history lots of patterns, photos, some of them color.