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This list contains the titles of books I own, plus my commentaries on their contents. I do this for my own use, but also for your information. But it is not a comprehensive literature list of what is/what was available. I hope this is still useful for you!

Bellon, Brigitte. Klöppeln - ein kleiner Lehrgang. Stuttgart (Frech-Verlag) 1980. ISBN3-7724-0461-8. Still in print. Small book with tear out prickings to teach the basics of bobbin lace in the Erzgebirge fashion. Uses the German roll cushion. TCTC method. Instructions for making a roll cushion with simple table stand. Some nice modern patterns, e. g. a circular and a rectangular mat.

Fuhrmann, Brigita. Bobbin Lace - An Illustrated Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques. New York (Dover) 1985. Slightly abridged reprint of Bobbin Lace: A Contemporary Approach by Watson-Guptill Publications 1976. ISBN: 0-468-24902-6. Still in print. Concentrating on techniques employed by eastern peasant laces (CTCT) this book is a good introduction with help to design your own lace. It has instructions for several different styles of cushions and bobbins. It contains instructions on straight and tape lace, but has patterns only for sample and tryout pieces.

Huber, Eckhard; Pütz, Jean. Das Hobbythek-Buch 9. Köln (VGS) 1984. ISBN 3-8025-6108-2. Has several topics, but one is bobbin lace. It contains a very basic introduction into Torchon (TCTC), has patterns for some exercises, plus instructions for making two styles of cushions: Erzgebirge style roll cushion plus a flat cushion (simple Suisse style). This was the only one I had when I started out.

Löhr, Ulrike. Klöppeln - Handbuch mit 400 Tricks und Kniffen. 3rd ed.: Stuttgart (Frech) 1992. ISBN 3-7724-1219-X. Still in print. This is a very good handbook on all the tips and tricks of the trade. She has photos for almost everything she shows, plus technical drawings and good descriptions. No patterns in this book!

Löhr, Ulrike. Klöppel-Kurs für Selbststudium und Unterricht. Stuttgart (Frech) 1993. ISBN 3-7724-1733-7. Still in Print. A very good introdution into Tape, Torchon, Cluny and Point Ground laces. She teaches the basics of all 4 kinds, without goint into details of subtechniques (CTCT). The learning curve is very steep, in my opinion. Every piece you work is usable in some way, no clumsy exercise pieces. There is a bigger project for every technique after you went through the classes. Very nice patterns for every technique, I know of people who bought the book only because of the patterns. Patterns are supplied on two extra sheets.

Reden, Gussy von.. Klöppel-Spitzen: Eine leichtfaßliche Anleitung zum Verständnis und zur Anfertigung der verschiedensten Arten von Klöppel-Spitzen. Leipzig (Verlag für die Frau) 1993. ISBN 3-7304-0351-6. Reprint of the book from 1909. Still in print. Has a short introduction into identifying lace plus a little history of the Erzgebirge kind of lacemaking. Basic introduction into Torchon and Guipure laces (TCTC) how they were worked in the Erzgebirge Region, plus introduction into tape lace. Many nice and advanced patterns. Prickings on two extra sheets. Printed in German Fraktur, which is kind of difficult to read, if you are not used to it.