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Bobbin Lace

If you want a better view of any of the photos, just click it. The size of the big photo is given under each small photo. Some of the small photos show only part of the big photo.

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Cross in simple tape lace. I made several of these for bazaars. Only drawback to the pattern is that it has lots of sewings! I made it in white only, but also with a colored passive pair on the outside. I made different versions of the tassel, the one shown is just an overhand knot over all threads. One cross takes about 5 hours to finish. Did several of them in 2001 and 2002. I like to use this project for demonstrating at crafts fairs. The pattern is from Anna (by Burda publishers).

Pearl cotton 8 in white.

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Wide torchon edging. Width 7.5 cm, length 16 cm, 32 pairs. This was a tryout piece for a project that was then cancelled. With a frame this is a very decorative piece. For this short piece of lace I needed about 21 hours, not counting preparation of the pricking, winding bobbins or any finishing. Pattern from Anna (by Burda publishers). I changed the execution of the pattern somewhat from the original to include "square leafs." Finished Spring 2002.

Fresia linnen thread 30/2 in white.

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Insertion for a T-shirt. Very simple tape lace done with 5 pairs. Pattern from: "Klöppelkurs" by Ulrike Löhr.

Fresia linnen thread 30/2 in white.

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Part of a try-out piece. An idea to make lace with a dimensional aspect using two different lace techniques - tatting and bobbin lace. The tatted motifs are woven into the lace.

You need only very basic skills of both techniques. You work small tatted motifs on a string without cutting them, leaving shorter or longer lengths of thread between the motifs. There is no pattern for these to work from, just play around. The threads with the motifs are then wound on bobbins and are used like normal bobbin lace threads. It is a little tricky to work with those knotted threads, but I think the outcome is worth taking on that additional effort. I'd use simple bobbin lace patterns, otherwise you will lose the effect. I this example I used a pricking of simple Torchon ground, and just played a bit, looking how the pattern would develop. I think that this idea of using tatted strings has lots of potential for further development.

Fresia linnen thread 30/2 white, combined with Anchor pearl cotton 8.
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