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chicken pocks runner Necklace

Chicken Pocks Runner

35 kb

Three photos of the Chicken Pocks Runner. The Runner got its funny name because I started working on it when I had chicken pocks at the ripe age of 35! Being in bed with slight fever was boring, so I looked for something to do, which wouldn't be too demanding. The runner is made from fine knitting cotton yarn - for a tatter this is huge. I started in 1998, and finished in 2001 for a church bazaar (I only showed it off, no one was willing to buy it). My estimate is that I put 130 hours of work in this piece, not counting reverse work or winding shuttles.

The pattern is from a German Burda Special Tatting, published 1979. Size of runner: 123x32 cm.

25 kb
This necklace is my first pattern using the Square Rings technique by Anne Dyer. I'm not aware that there are any patterns out (except for Anne's) that use this technique. But just to make it a little more complicated these are square split rings, using 4 shuttles! I give a rough description of how I made it, but to really show you how I worked the necklace I'd have to give a class on this.

Made from Anchor crochet cotton no. 40, sewing thread, and Delica beads. Design © by Christiane Eichler

58 kb
Hankie "Tatted Charm". This hanky was the wedding present for my friend Rhonda Landry. The pattern is from the book The Tatter's Treasure Chest, p. 88. It took me about a year to tat it, but inbetween I worked on other projects as well. On the photo you see the lace before it was being sewed to a piece of linnen batiste (the real thing).

Made from about 15 g Anchor crochet cotton no. 100, in bright white (01).

49 kb
Doily "Hopalong." This doily was designed in a very special way. I started out with a hopalong fractal that I got from the Hop fractal program, put this into a draw program, fiddled a litte with it, and then transformed the sketch into tatting. A tutorial about this is published in Judy Heim's The Needlecrafters Computer Companion.

It was done with Anchor no. 80 crochet cotton color 01. Design © by Christiane Eichler

Button doily
59 kb
Doily "Button." The design idea for the center of this doily came from a button. I just tried to emulate the form of the button in tatting. The outer edge as well as the row next to the solid center are done with two shuttles and two ball threads used at the same time (the technique is demonstrated by Liebert, p. 32). I also used split rings in the design (the row of frilled rings is done in split ring technique).

Diameter 8", done in no. 20 crochet cotton. Design © by Christiane Eichler

square doily
58 kb
Small doily (8x8") made up from identical squares. Done in Anchor Pearl Cotton no. 5 Pattern from Burda Special Tatting (1989) publication.
blue doily
59 kb
This doily was made from fine french blue sewing thread. The diameter is 5". Design by Gisela Graff-Höffgen.
doily with owl
51 kb
This doily was made from Anchor Pearl cotton, color # 130, 131, 132 and 133. The color is shaded from light to dark from center to edge. Design by Hilde Schleip.