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Tatting books

This list contains the titles of books I own, plus my commentaries on their contents. I do this for my own use, but also for your information. But it is not a comprehensive literature list of what is/what was available. I hope this is still useful for you!

Austin, Catherine. A New Twist on Tatting. New York: Sterling 1994. ISBN 0-8069-0290-6. Still in print. Many nice Photos, not too many patterns, nothing too exciting. She uses Caron thread for some of her patterns.

Blomqvist, Gun; Persson, Elwy. Tatting Patterns and Designs. New York: Dover 1988. ISBN 0-486-25813-0. Still in print. Lots of small motifs, doilies and 3 bridal crowns. "scandinavian notation."

Carroll, Janet. Elegant Tatting patterns. New York: Dover 1996. ISBN 0-486-29149-9. Still in print. 13 doilies, two with almost solid chains as center (I'd do the center in cloth ). Some edgings, 16 Christmas ball patterns.

Foster, Barbara. Needle Tatting, Book 1 and 2. Paxton, IL (Handy Hands), 1995. ISBN 1-883432-00-6. Still in print. Two Book Set. Very good book to learn needle tatting from. Few patterns, but good instructions with photos.

Graff-Höfgen, Gisela. Occhi, Eine Einführung in die Technik. Stuttgart (Frech) 1981. ISBN 3-7724-0536-3. Out of print. Uses diagrams. Very simple patterns, some using beads. This book contains the pattern for the blue doily.

Graff-Höfgen, Gisela. Occhi macht Mode. Anleitungen für 27 Modelle Stuttgart (Frech) 1986. ISBN 3-7724-0661-0. Out of print. Comparatively few challenging patterns. Lace ties, shamrock, edging with braided chains (6 shuttles).

Jones, Rebecca. The Complete Book of Tatting. Everything You Wanted to Know but Couldn't Find Out About Shuttle Lace. Berkley (Lacis) 1994. ISBN 0-916896-39-0. Still in print. Already a classic of tatting literature. Has 6 differents ways how to work tatting (including needle tatting). Many techniques (except split rings), lots of ideas, patterns. Uses diagrams.

Konior, Mary. Tatting with Visual Patterns. Berkley: Lacis 1992. ISBN 0-916896-42-0. Still in print. No basics of tatting, but many tips. Unusual patterns, ideas for using tatting. Very good diagrams.

Liebert, Emmy. Schiffchenarbeiten (Frivolitäten), Reprint. Augsburg (Augustus) 1994. ISBN 3-8043-0289-0.Still in print. Reprint of 2 German Beyer Books from the 20s. Many nice patterns. Motifs, collars, doilies, baby hat, bags, and preacher's tye. Uses Gothic lettering.

Naumer, Waltraut. Schiffchenspitzen, Occhi, Frivolités. Bern, Stuttgart (Haupt) 1984. ISBN3-258-03360-9. Still in print. Many small patterns, great variety of tatted Christmas tree balls and eggs. Good instructions for stretching the tatting over the ball with the needle.

Nichols, Elgiva. Tatting, Technique and History. New York: Dover 1984. ISBN 0-486-24612-4. Still in print. Very interesting book on tatting theory. Lots of History, good description of structure of tatting. Only two patterns. Many different techniques described.

Schleip, Hilde. Occhi. Münster-Hiltrup (Landwirtschaftsverlag) 1989. ISBN 3-7843-1280-2. Still in print. A treasure of patterns, many of them using the onion technique. Uses Fil d'ecosse by George Picault, which equals a no. 20 tatting cotton. Uses diagrams and Scandinavian Notation. This book contains the pattern for the doily in blue shades.

Siepmann, Helma Kreatives Occhi. Rosenheim (Rosenheimer) 1989. ISBN 3-475-52624-7. Still in print. New, free technique. Colored work in pearl cotton usually appliqued to basic fabric. Good description of basic technique (good photos), also classical tatting.

Sparks, Phyllis. Practical Tatting. Berkley: Lacis 1994. ISBN 0-916896-55-2. Still in print. Many nice and useful patterns, especially collar (yoke) made up from lots of single motifs.

Sunderman, Vida.Tatted Snowflakes. New York: Dover 1994. ISBN 0-486-28303-8. Still in print. 40 tatted snowflakes, some 3-dimensional, some with beads, glitter, or crystals.

Waldrep, Mary Carolyn, Ed. The Tatter's Treasure Chest. New York: Dover 1990. ISBN 0-486-26355-X. Still in print. The title doesn't lie: A great variety of patterns, both simple and advanced: Edgings, doilies, several collars (some of them with matching cuffs) and two baby hats. Really wonderful stuff to drool over. The wedding hanky pattern is from this book.