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I keep this history more or less for my own purposes, hope you enjoy it, even if there's some German in it.

Sometime in August 1996 I received a CD-Rom from CompuServe with their home-page publisher. What first seemed to be just a bit of playing around over the time evolved into a serious project. I did the first uploads sometime in September (trying to master HTML-language), and started recording what I added at the beginning of October.

November 25, 2001: New Family Photo.
October 20, 2001: Long time since I updated this site. Since I'm now into programming Web Sites professionally I don't seem to have time to do my own pages. I updated all links. Only working links there now. No new ones, though.
September 1, 1999: Has been some time since I last updated, oops. This time I worked on the Pattern Finder. Lots of new entries, lots of links corrected, some removed.
November 1, 1998: Necklace in Tatting Showcase
October 5, 1998: Page on Netting, some minor additions to Other lace
August 30, 1998: Showcase Other Lace
June 25, 1998: Instructions for Square Rings in Tatting
June 17, 1998: 9 new patterns in the Pattern Surfer
June 17, 1998: Got to share my new scanner with you! Tatting pattern "Exchange"
June 7, 1998: eine Ungereimtheit im Layout beseitigt (Commentaries Welcome in E-mail umgewandelt
June 7, 1998: eine Ungereimtheit im Layout beseitigt (hängende Kugeln)
June 3, 1998: 7 links on the tatting links page
May 21, 1998: Improved the whole tatting pattern section: added a list of abbrevations, standardized the written instructions, added written instructions to Seven-Star, corrected typos etc.
May 21, 1998: Added more Patterns to the Pattern Surfer
May 21, 1998: Tatting Pattern: Bookmark Flower Meadow
May 16, 1998: We proudly present: The Pattern Surfer, a tool for finding tatting patterns on the WWW.
May 2, 1998: Today I don't have something new for you, but unfortunately I had to remove a scan of a piece of mine from this page. Teri Dusenbury, the designer of the pattern I used, does not want the photo to appear on my page, so I deleted any material concerning the pattern, except for the mention in the original needletatting messages (for archival purposes). She has the right to do so, and I sadly accept this.
Mar 21, 1998: Decided eventually on the top of page issue. Needs to be put into every page still.
Mar 21, 1998: Added the fourth message to the needle tatting messages page
Mar 21, 1998: Added lots of text and photos to the needle tatting document
Feb 8, 1998: There are now Other Lace Links
Feb 8, 1998: Bobbin Lace Links have now their own page, because I added several new ones.
Feb 7, 1998: Photos of two eggs covered with tatting
Jan 31, 1998: Tatting links have their own page now, because I added lots of new ones.
Jan 1, 1998: New Year greetings
Dec 9, 1997: Tatting pattern for Christmas ball
Dec 9, 1997: Christmas Card
Nov 8, 1997: List of bobbin lace books
Oct 18, 1997: My Guestbook. You are invited to leave a message! Oct 18, 1997: Photo of Turtle in Tatting Showcase
Oct 18, 1997: Photo of a Celtic cross in Blackwork in Embroidery Showcase
Sep 6, 1997: Other Lace section opened
Aug 23, 1997: Some new German Links
Aug 23, 1997: Concept of Dreams of Lace in About this project
Aug 23, 1997: We are now on the new server!
Aug 20, 1997: Member of the Lace and Lacemaking Webring (Links below)
Aug 20, 1997: Thanks Sebastian for my new banner
Aug 15, 1997 New Logo
Aug 3, 1997: Tatting showcase has two pages now!
Aug 3, 1997: Photo of oval motif in tatting showcase
Aug 3, 1997: Pattern for oval motif
June 7, 1997: Bobbin Lace Showcase now open!
June 5, 1997: Photo of biggest tatting project I made up to now: A wedding hankie with a 7cm wide edging
May 24, 1997: Bookmark pattern on tatting pattern page
May 3, 1997 More new links
May 1-3, 1997 corrected some minor, but widespread layout inconsistencies
April 28, 1997 Lots of new links
April 11, 1997 Member of Mothers with Modems Webring
April 11, 1997 New Layout now on all pages!
April 11, 1997 Photo of German setup in Bobbin Lace Photos
April 11, 1997 Three new shuttle descriptions in Tatting tips
April 10, 1997 Lots of new books in Tatting book list
April 8, 1997 Photo of one of David Smith's shuttles on tatting
April 8, 1997 Update of About this page
April 8, 1997 Update of Shuttle Sources in Tatting Tips
April 6, 1997short blurb on technique and history of tatting and bobbin lace
April 5-8 1997 Several pages get new layout.
April 2, 1997 New Layout of main page
April 2, 1997 New Links-button
March 18, 1997 Article on Needle vs. Shuttle Tatting
March 16, 1997 New Photo of me in about me
Feb 14, 1997 Erlaubnis fr den Schmetterling erhalten und eingebunden
Feb 14, 1997 New Photo inTatting Gallery
Feb 11, 1997 Three new photos inEmbroidery Gallery (L&L95 angel, mug, Hardanger ornament)
Feb 10, 1997 Added a historyof this page (archive of What's New) to the Info-page
10. Feb. 1997 Update Bookmarks
10. Feb. 1997 Neugestaltung Links Seite
10. Feb. 1997 Interne Verweise in Links
10. Feb. 1997 Many new links, especially on bobbin lace
Feb. 9, 1997 New Tatting link
Feb. 9, 1997 neuer Tatting button
Feb. 9, 1997 Bobbin lace photos
Feb. 9, 1997 Bobbin lace page
Feb. 9, 1997 Reorganisation of main table
Feb. 9, 1997 Eventually, some Family Photos
Feb. 2, 1997 Tatting tips
Feb. 2, 1997 Bildchen für meeting places (Hauptseite)
Feb. 2, 1997 Bildchen für Galerie und Occhi auf der Hauptseite, Tabelle umgestaltet
Jan. 11, 1997 Four Photos in Polyclay Gallery
Jan. 11, 1997 Opening of Embroidery Gallery
Jan. 11, 1997 many new links, especially on tatting
Jan. 6, 1997 Tatting pattern "Sevenstar", Pattern for background snowflake
Dec. 16, 1996 Square Doily, and 3 Snowflakes, in Tatting Gallery
Dec. 10, 1996 Doily "Button" in Tatting Gallery
Dec. 8, 1996 "Editha" Snowflake tatting pattern
Nov. 20, 1996 Addition of bookmarks photo in Tatting Gallery
Nov. 20, 1996 File sizes in Galleries added
Oct. 20, 1996 Addition of "Meeting Places"
20. Oktober Einheitliches Impressum auf allen Seiten
Oct. 19, 1996 Addition of "about this page"
Oct. 19, 1996 "Books" page in "about me" added
Oct. 19, 1996 Slight changes in layout for links
Oct. 8, 1996 Update Dictionary German-English: New words added
Oct. 8, 1996 Addition of "crafts" in "about me"
Oct. 7, 1996 Addition of "family" in "about me"
Oct. 5, 1996 Addition of Reference page
Oct. 3, 1996 General Reorganization of page
Oct. 2, 1996 Addition of the What's New section
Oct. 1, 1996 Addition of to the tatting pattern page