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Bookmark "Dhamana"


A simple pattern for 1 shuttle and ball.
Thread: Anchor crochet cotton #20 (available in lots of colors, also variegated).
Size: 17,5 x 3,5 cm
This bookmark is made up from two strips which are worked in two rows each.

1st row of 1st strip
1st row of 2nd strip
2nd row of both strips

Each ring is 4ds, j to last p of prev Ri (first ring made: p), 4ds, 2 p sep by 4 ds, 4 ds.
Each chain of row 1 is 4ds, p, 4 ds
Each chain of row 2 is 4ds, p, 4ds, sj. Exception is the head section, the number of ds is 5 (see graph).

The first row consists of 19 rings. You then go on tatting the second row without cutting and tying. The second row is shown in a different color on the graph so you can easily see how the strip is constructed. The second strip is worked by directly joining it to the first strip. Please take care to join the first row of strip 2 to the first row of strip 1.

Variations: It is easy to change the length of the bookmark to your needs: Just work more or less rings in the first row. I'd recommend to work bookmarks with colored thread which is better visible on a white page than white or ecru thread. You can use different colors for shuttle and ball threads.
You can work small doilies from this pattern, too. Just add more strips until you are either bored or satisfied with the size. Just make sure to always join a row 1 to another row 1, and a row 2 to another row 2.

Designed May 21,1997